About Us

In the Beginning:

The Diablo Adult Soccer League was formed in the late 1980's by a small group of individuals who like all of us today love the game of soccer.  In the early days there were only a few teams and few fields to play on.  Within the first 3 years the league became much more structured and began to work more closely with the community to become a functioning organization.  

Each city became responsible for building their clubs and the league quickly began to grow.

The Growing Years:

Within the first 10 years the league went from a few teams to 4 divisions of 8 teams each.  Players become more involved with the management and structure of the league and several stepped up to obtain fields and equipment and to schedule referees for each match.  The league created a Constitution basically following the FIFA laws of the game with some exceptions that were created as by-laws.  This formal structure has served DASL for almost 20 years and is the foundation of the league itself.

Where we're going:

DASL has become one of the premiere leagues in the bay area.  Each session we are petitioned by several outside teams requesting permission to join our league. The league is well known for its organization, competitiveness and most importantly for its players who continue to support and grow the organization.  DASL is a recreational soccer league known for having fun and respecting the game.  In addition players are great community leaders and supporters.  The league has a great relationship with each of the cities and towns we are associated with.  Our goal is to continue to grow our league with thoughts of creating a new "over 40" division sometime in the near future.

DASL Leadership:


Mike Taconni

Mike was elected President in February 2016.  He has been active in Mustang youth soccer and has contributed much to our organization.  His leadership will assist us in moving our league forward.  Mike continues the great atmosphere within the league; and a level of trust from all the teams and their respective players.


Vice President  

Darby (Kroyer) De Venuta

Darby holds the position of DASL Vice President. She assists chairs the realignment committee, distributes league schedules, maintains the website and assists the President. 


Bob Riley

Bob holds the position of DASL Secretary. He maintains all meeting records, produces minutes and provides great guidance to the league leadership team.  His advise is always sought after and always appreciated.



Megan McUmber

Megan holds the position of DASL Treasurer.  She maintains all records for funds received and paid and has provided great leadership in managing the league's money.  She assists in acquiring insurance and is an intricate part of the leadership team. 

Disciplinary Chairperson

Tom Rivers

Tom holds the position of DASL Disciplinary Chair. He maintains all records of disciplinary action taken against teams or players. 

League Registrar

Jeff and Sandy Mulford

Both Jeff and Sandy have been involved with soccer for years.  From Mustang youth soccer, to adult indoor and outdoor soccer they are both well known and respected within the community and especially within the Diablo Adult Soccer League.  They work tirelessly to make sure player registration is current and correct.   They have a difficult, often thankless job that they both perform perfectly!