Registration Process

The league Registrar is responsible for creating a player pass for each active member of your team.   The materials required for adding a player to your team are:

  • A completed and signed liability release and registration form.  Form is available here.

  • Two clear COLOR photo copies of drivers license or ID card.  Actual size, please do not enlarge or shrink. Phone copies or scanned email copies will not be accepted.  Please look at the photo copy and if it does not look like the original then it hasn't been done correctly.  The players birthdate must be easily readable.

Player pass materials must be submitted complete.  Please don't expect the registrar to make extra copies for you, if you do not provide everything there is no guarantee your pass will be made.  

The cutoff for a new pass will be Friday at 6:00 PM.  Please leave the materials in the DASL Mailbox without disturbing the occupants.  The DASL drop box is located near the front door.  Pick up will be from the DASL drop box after 12 noon on Saturday.  Completed passes will be in a sealed envelope with your team name clearly written and placed in the DASL drop box.  Only team reps (alternates) should pick up passes.  If a team rep or alternate is unable to pick up passes, they should clearly designate one individual to pick up ALL of the passes for that team. 

Please note that team reps (alternates) are responsible for acquiring, dropping off, and picking up player pass materials.  New players , inexperienced at the process, will only make the process more confusing for all.  Only in extreme circumstances should new players be dropping off player pass materials and they should never be picking them up.  Team reps (alternates) this is your job not the players

Drop off and Pick up location is 11 Volterra Court, Danville, CA  94526. Please do not ring the doorbell or knock on the door; if you have questions email them to Jeff.

When you add or delete a player you must update your roster and email it to    Be advised the roster maximum is 25 players.  Please return inactive player passes removed from your roster.